Business and Investments

We seek to parter with established companies in the Radiation Detection Industry that will incorporate our technology into their end products & project.

Our Path to Mass Production and Implementation

PhotonLab's ABALONE Technology is a "Platform Technology" with the capability of revolutionizing the Radiation Detection Industry.




      • Initial sales of ABALONE sensors to researchers in the dark matter research field.
      • Successful lab testing of ABALONE Prototypes (4+ years, still ongoing) has proven longevity, robustness and unparalleled performance.
      • $1.5M+ SBIR Funding (NSF, DOE)
      • Testimonials, and plans for large-scale implementation for the next generation of projects in Fundamental Science.

SBIR Funding:


NSF LogoNational Science Foundation:

SBIR Phase I: Awarded June 1st, 2017 Tandem ABALONE Detector Module                         

SBIR Phase II: Awarded November 1, 2019 Novel Photosensor Technology-Enabling the IceCube Cosmic-Neutrino Experiment (South Pole) to Open a New Window on the Universe

600px-Seal_of_the_United_States_Department_of_Energy.svgDepartment of Energy:

SBIR Phase I: Awarded July 2, 2018 The ABALONE Photosensor Panel Technology for Rare Decay and Rare Particle Detection

SBIR Phase I: Awarded Feb 14, 2022Novel Position Sensitive Photosensor Technology for Rare Decay and Rare Particle Detection DE-SC0022519

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